Replace the Battery in an Inspiron 6400

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It is common for laptop computers such as the Dell Inspiron 6400 to have removable batteries. Since older laptops made around the time of the Inspiron 6400 typically do not last much longer than two hours on a single charge, it is common for laptop owners to purchase spare batteries, as you might have. If you have purchased an extra battery to extend the running time of your Inspiron 6400 between charges, install it for extra computing time while you are on the go.

Plug the Inspiron 6400 into a power outlet if you would like to replace the battery while the computer is still running. If you are not in the vicinity of a power outlet, save your work, close all running programs and shut down the Inspiron 6400. Close the screen, turn the Inspiron 6400 over and turn the computer so that the back faces you. With the back of the Inspiron 6400 facing you, the battery pack is on the left side.

Push the black tab behind the dell Inspiron 6400 battery to the right and hold it in place.

Grasp the battery using the raised lip on the left side and lift it out of the Inspiron 6400 battery compartment. Let go of the black tab.

Place the back end of the replacement dell Inspiron 6400 battery into the empty compartment so that the metal contacts on the battery connect with those in the compartment. Lower the front end of the battery into the Inspiron 6400 until the black tab clicks. The new battery is ready to use.

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