Replace a Dell Laptop LCD Screen

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Replacing a laptop screen sounds a lot harder that it is. If your laptop LCD needs to be replaced, maybe you won't have to take it to a repair shop or, worse yet, have to mail it out to a repair shop. Start an Internet search to find a replacement for your Dell model laptop LCD, or you may look for someone selling a non-working model of your Dell laptop for "parts only" that has a working LCD screen. Do some investigating of your laptop model on the Internet; it will help you feel more confident about your undertaking the task.

Turn of the computer, unplug the power cord from the wall and remove the battery.

Remove The LCD cover panel by removing the rubber plugs that cover the screws lining the outside of the LCD screen.

Remove the screws carefully with the required tool.

Place the screws on a piece of duct tape in the same order you remove them; this way you don't lose the screws.

Using the small flathead screwdriver as a spreading tool, start at the lower left or right corner of the LCD screen case and gently spread the back of the LCD screen away from the back panel. Work the flathead screwdriver around the outsides. The front cover will then separate from the screen.

Carefully remove any tape holding wires in place on the back LCD panel. Have a notepad handy and make note of where and why each piece of tape is where it is. Only remove what you need to in order to get the LCD screen out. Keep the tape so you can replace it later.

Take out the four or six recessed screws along the sides of the LCD.

Take out the different connectors as you get them. Use the small flathead screwdriver or tweezers to get the connectors loose.

Compare the new replacement display to the old one by the make and model of your Dell laptop. Carefully compare the old LCD to the new to be sure that they match. Check that the connectors are in the same place and match.

Install the new LCD by reversing the process of removing the old one. Try to handle the LCD by the edges to avoid touching the face of the screen. Be certain the LCD is replaced the same way you removed it.

Restore connectors and tape where you can. If you need to add some tape. Take care that all wires are secured in place. You want to avoid pinch damage to any wires when you replace the cover.

Reinstate the cover the way you took it off.

Examine the edges to confirm that there are no wires sticking out and all openings are closed.

Put the screws, plugs and tape back to return the LCD to its original state.

Reinsert the battery into your laptop, plug in the power and turn it on to complete the process.

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