Replace a Dell Inspiron N5010 Keyboard

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It is not very often that an entire keyboard needs replacing. In most cases, you can replace individual keys on the keyboard. However, there are certain cases where you must replace your entire keyboard. Excessive mishandling of the laptop, or pounding on keys are two of the most common ways keyboards break. The Dell Inspiron n5010 laptop is designed with the average laptop user in mind. Removing and replacing the Dell Inspiron N5010 Keyboard is not a difficult task, but there is some light disassembly involved.

Power down the laptop, and disconnect the AC power cable from its socket. Close the LCD screen, place the laptop face down and remove the battery from the laptop. Allow about 20 minutes for your laptop to cool down.

Place the laptop face up, and open the screen. Insert a flat-head screwdriver into the right side of the keyboard cover located between the keyboard and LCD assemblies. Pry up the keyboard cover until it is disengaged from the laptop. Remove the cover and set it aside.

Remove the two Phillips-head screws from behind the top row of keyboard keys. Grasp the top edge of the keyboard, and place the Dell Inspiron N5010 Keyboard face down over the trackpad area of the laptop. Disconnect the keyboard's ribbon cable from the motherboard, and then remove the keyboard from the laptop.

Connect the ribbon cable on the replacement keyboard to the connector on the motherboard. Place the new keyboard inside the keyboard compartment. Align the screw holes at the top of the keyboard with the screw holes on the laptop. Replace the two retaining Phillips-head screws on the keyboard assembly.

Place the Dell Inspiron N5010 Keyboard cover in its slot above the keyboard assembly. Press down on the cover until it snaps into place.

Replace the battery and reconnect the power cable to the laptop.

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