Replace a Dell Inspiron Keyboard

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When you have discounted all possibilities like power supply failure, loose bottom screws or faulty connections, and you have confirmed that it is, indeed, your Dell Inspiron Keyboard which is defective or damaged, then it's time to get a new one of the same model and type. A Dell Inspiron Keyboard will also definitely need replacement if a liquid or sticky material has spilled on it and damaged its parts, or when some of its fragile keycaps have come loose, making typing practically impossible.

Replace a Dell Inspiron Keyboard

Lay the laptop flat on its back. Use the Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the four screws from the bottom cover. Safely set aside the cover and screws.

Flip over the laptop and open the display screen. Locate the blank key at the lower right corner, one key above the right arrow on your keyboard.

Pry the keyboard loose carefully, using the plastic scribe. You're doing it right if you feel those tabs which anchor your keyboard on the left side gently disengage from their attachment to the laptop's base.

Turn the keyboard in an upright position towards the left side of your laptop at right angles to it. Locate both the keyboard cable and the keyboard connector.

Disconnect the keyboard cable from its connector. Simply unlock the connector to free up the cable from its attachment on the motherboard. Set aside your old or damaged Dell keyboard.

Connect the keyboard cable of your new Dell Inspiron Keyboard to the connector. Return the connector to its locked position.

Attach the keyboard, using the tabs on the left and right. Check first that the keyboard cable doesn't get stuck or pinched at the bottom before you snap the keyboard into place. Easy on the keycaps. They could accidentally loosen if you exert too much force.

Turn the laptop over on its back and use the Phillips screwdriver to remount the four screws on the bottom cover. Secure them firmly.

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