Replace a Dell Inspiron 1564 Keyboard

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Dell is one of the pioneers in manufacturing laptops across the globe. Not only does it cater to hundreds of individual clients, it caters to business needs as well. One of the most successful series of Dell laptop has been Inspiron. Various versions of this series are popular with people these days and continue to be so. Sometimes it may be required to do some repairing on your own. Replacing the Dell Inspiron 1564 Keyboard is one such thing.

Turn off the power supply to your laptop and remove any installed batteries. The battery is located on the underside of the laptop.

Remove the hard drive by using the Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the five screws from the door of the hard drive located on right side. Gently push the drive door till it disengages from the door slot. Carefully pull the hard drive straight from the bottom case of the assembly. Flip the computer over and unscrew the five keyboard screws. Flip over the laptop once more.

Use a flat-head screwdriver to gently remove the keyboard from the scalloped edge of a blank key on right side of the keyboard.

Guide the keyboard upward. Unplug the cable from the keyboard.

Put the old Dell Inspiron 1564 Keyboard aside and connect the new keyboard with the motherboard cable that you detached earlier. Put the keyboard back into its place with the front face of keyboard pointing upward.

Flip the laptop over slowly and secure the keyboard with the five screws you removed earlier. Push the hard drive back into the drive. Push down on the drive door so that it fits into place. Replace the screws of hard drive door.

Boot up your laptop to try your new Dell Inspiron 1564 Keyboard.

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