Repair your Dell Inspiron N5110 Keyboard

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If your Dell Inspiron N5110 Keyboard isn't working properly, there are a few things you can do to fix it on your own. Everyday use, food or drink spills and dust buildup can cause the keys to loosen, stick or even fall off. Clean your laptop keyboard before performing any repairs. This will help the repair process work more smoothly, and might even fix the keyboard altogether.

Clean the Dell Inspiron N5110 Keyboard

Turn off and unplug the Dell Inspiron laptop.

Open the laptop, and shake the keyboard over a trash can. This will dislodge any loose dirt or crumbs.

Blow compressed air along the keyboard. Direct the air flow underneath and between the keys.

Dampen a cotton swab with isopropyl alcohol. Wipe the tops and sides of the keys.

Remove any loose or stuck keys. Place a flat screwdriver directly under the side of the key caps, and gently pry them off to expose the key assemblies.

Clean the key caps and assemblies with an alcohol-dampened cotton swab. This will remove any debris that could hinder the key's attachment to the keyboard.

Repair the Dell Inspiron N5110 Keyboard

Place a key cap directly on top of the assembly.

Press down firmly until the key cap snaps in place. You might need to reposition the key a few times until it's correct.

Turn on the Dell Inspiron laptop, and test the newly-repaired keyboard. If the keys are still not working, consider replacing the keyboard.

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