Repair a Dell Vostro V3700 Keyboard

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Laptop Repair Options

Open your "Control panel" by first clicking the "Start" button. Then click on control panel for options. Choose "Keyboard" and a new window will open called "Keyboard properties."

Select the tab at the top that says "Hardware." Check the "Device properties" which will state the "Device Status" as plugged in and working properly if functioning correctly, or will show a problem if not working correctly. If a problem is shown, follow the on-screen directions to fix the issue.

Clean the Dell Vostro V3700 Keyboard with glass cleaner. Use a cloth and spray it with glass cleaner then wipe the keyboard keys. If the keyboard still isn't working the way it should, then proceed with replacement of the keyboard.

Replace Dell Vostro V3700 Keyboard

Purchase a replacement keyboard. If you aren't sure where to buy one, see the online options in the resource section below. Prices vary.

Shut down the power to the computer by selecting the "Start" button then select "Shut down." Turn the computer over and remove the battery by unlocking it then slide out to remove.

Wait five minutes after removing the battery before proceeding. Touch the metal before doing anything to the computer to release any static electricity.

Open the laptop and pry the cover where the power button is located up gently with a screwdriver. Remove the entire strip and set aside.

Unscrew the three screws where the cover was removed and tape them to a sheet of paper to ensure you don't lose them. Lift the keyboard from the rear portion angling it toward you.

Undo the cable connecting the keyboard to the motherboard. Remove the keyboard and replace with the new one by attaching the cable first then lay the keyboard back where you just removed the other.

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