Remove and Replace a Dell Inspiron N4110 Keyboard

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You may have to remove the keyboard to get to the components underneath it or to replace it. Whatever the reason for the removal, taking off a Dell Inspiron N4110 Keyboard is easier and faster than it is on most Dell laptops. You don't even have to turn this computer over to get the keyboard off, which is what makes this task such a breeze, even for people whose mechanical aptitude consists of being able to twist a screwdriver and swing a hammer.

Shut down the computer and disconnect the power cable.

Insert a flathead screwdriver into the notch on the right end of the hinge cover and pry it up. Remove it by lifting it from right to left.

Extract the two screws on the top of the keyboard.

Lift the back of the dell inspiron n4110 keyboard up and flip it forward to expose the ribbon cable that connects it to the motherboard.

Disconnect the ribbon cable and remove the keyboard from the computer.

Connect the ribbon cable on the new dell Inspiron n4110 keyboard to the motherboard.

Flip the computer over so that the two screw holes on the top of the keyboard are aligned with the holes in the computer.

Insert the two keyboard screws.

Snap the hinge cover into place.

Connect the power cable and the computer is ready for use.

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