Remove a Keyboard From a Vostro V131 Laptop

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The Dell Vostro V131 is a laptop computer intended for business users. Because business computers travel so frequently, they generally wear down more quickly than desktops. This is especially true for the keyboard, which is often one of the first laptop components to fail. Fortunately, designed the Dell Vostro V131 Keyboard so that users can easily replace it.

Turn the Dell Vostro V131 off and unplug all cords from the laptop. Turn the system over and remove the battery. Slide the two release latches next to the battery away from each other and pull it forward.

Touch a bare metal surface on the computer, such as a USB port, to discharge static electricity from your body.

Turn the laptop back over. Open the display as far as possible. Remove the plastic bezel above the Dell Vostro V131 Keyboard. Insert a plastic scribe or flat head screwdriver into the notch of the bezel near the right hinge. Push down gently to pry the cover up. Take care not to scratch or break the delicate plastic. Pull the cover up, starting with the left side and moving slowly over to the right.

Remove the two screws below the bezel with a Phillips screwdriver. Pull the Dell Vostro V131 Keyboard slightly forward to expose the data cable. Push the blue release lever toward the front of the system and slide the connector out. Pull the keyboard away.

Replace the bezel. Insert the left end first and press down along the length of the cover until it snaps back in place.

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