Protect a Laptop Keyboard Use Keyboard Cover

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The cracks and crevices between the keys of a laptop keyboard make it vulnerable to dust, dirt and crumbs. Protecting your keyboard means protecting the whole computer, as debris can enter the machinery through the keyboard.

Following some common-sense advice and tips can help you keep your laptop keyboard from harm.

Buy a laptop keyboard cover from an online or offline retailer such as PC World, Dell or Amazon. They range from inexpensive loose coverings to more expensive coverings molded specifically to your laptop model.

Shut down the computer and close the lid when it's not in use.

Keep your laptop in a dry place at room temperature.

Keep foods and liquids away from your laptop. Spills and crumbs can damage the keyboard and leak through the gaps between the keys, into the inside of the computer.

Keep your hands clean. Dirty hands can carry abrasive bits of dust and dirt that scratch the keys, making the letters fade faster.

Clean stains gently with a cotton swab and a very small amount of warm, soapy water. Use only enough to dampen the bud without dripping.

Use a vacuum cleaner hose gently and regularly to gather crumbs and dust from your laptop keyboard.

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