Instructions on Replacing Dell Inspiron 1464 Keyboard

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Laptop keyboards are often hard to clean and maintain over time. Food and drink spills, dust buildup and regular use can cause the keys to stick or malfunction. Though it's possible to replace individual keys, it's often simpler to replace the keyboard altogether. Dell Inspiron 1464 laptops allow easy access to the inside of the computer with a few common household tools. Follow a few safety precautions and replace the Dell Inspiron 1464 Keyboard yourself to save time and money.

Turn off the Dell Inspiron 1464 laptop and unplug it.

Open the display until it lies flat, and insert a flat screwdriver under the right side of the hinge cover located at the top of the Dell Inspiron 1464 Keyboard. Gently pry off the cover and set it aside.

Remove the screws located at the top of the keyboard with a small Phillips screwdriver and set them aside.

Lift the keyboard out of the Dell Inspiron 1464 laptop, and carefully disconnect the cable attached to the system board. Hold the cable by its connector and avoid pulling on the cable itself.

Plug the new Dell Inspiron 1464 Keyboard connector cable into the system board, and carefully set the keyboard into the laptop.

Adjust the keyboard until it fits in place and replace the screws.

Set the hinge cover onto the laptop, gently pressing onto the left side and then the right until it snaps into place.

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Replacement Laptop Keys 08/03/2016 14:17

Of course, regular use can cause the laptop key sticky and faulty and we need to replace them. I think, by following these few safety precautions we can replace the laptop key ourselves safely.

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