How to Turn Off Battery Mode on a Dell Latitude C840

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The Dell Latitude is a large desktop replacement laptop manufactured and released in 2002. The computer runs off a Pentium 4M processor, the mobile version of the Pentium 4 chip. Released along with the C620, the C840 is one of the last Dell Latitude computers with a fixed optical drive and a modular bay (disk drive). Given the age of the machine, it is possible that the battery life has diminished greatly, making the battery mode very short. If this is the case, try to eliminate battery mode.

Plug the battery charger into an electrical outlet near the laptop. While disconnected from an outlet, the computer automatically switches to battery mode.

Connect the battery charger to the laptop. If the battery and computer are cool enough, the charger will begin charging the battery while the computer is running. If the battery or computer are too hot, the battery logo at the bottom of the screen will blink orange and green. Unplug the computer again and let the battery and computer cool to room temperature so the battery can take the charge.

Keep the computer plugged in while the battery charges. The computer automatically feeds off the outlet while the charger/plug is in the outlet. If the computer fails to run off the charger, there might be a problem with outlet or the A/C cable and plug itself. Try plugging the computer into a different outlet. If that doesn't work, replace the outlet cable for the computer.

Remove the battery if necessary. If the computer continues to run off battery mode rather than the plug, turn the computer off and remove the battery. Make sure the computer is plugged in and turn the computer on again. It will boot up outside of battery mode.

Tips & Warnings

Since a battery's life is most affected by the amount of times it is charged and spent, it is best to keep the computer plugged into an electric outlet as often as possible.

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