How to Replace a Dell 8250 Battery

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The Dell 8250 desktop tower uses a lithium-coin cell battery. These batteries maintain "computer configuration, date and time information." Lithium-coin batteries are said to last 15 years, making it the desirable choice for electrical devices. Lithium batteries are safe to use because of the elastomer seals the batteries are encased in. Lithium batteries within desktops are capable of producing 3 volts of electrical energy while performing at -40 degrees C to +85 degrees C.

Record all system setup information. When you turn on your computer, press "F2" when you see the Dell logo. You will be taken to a system configuration screen which is divided into five areas: "Title," "Computer data," "Options," "Key functions" and "Help." Each setting will be used to reconfigure your computer upon replacing the battery.

Open the computer cover. To open, lay the computer flat so that the arrow on the bottom points up. Press the release button on the back, right side of the computer while pulling on the top cover. Repeat for the back, left-side of the computer.

Remove the battery. When removing the battery, avoid touching the system board of the computer. If touched, you may damage or break the system's circuits.

Insert the new battery. The "+" should face up when inserting a new battery.

Close the cover and access the system setup menu again. Now, with the recorded system configurations, re-enter all existing information.

Dispose of the old battery. To dispose of the battery, please call your local waste management disposal agency. Improper battery disposal is hazardous to the environment, so please, properly dispose of your battery.

Tips & Warnings

Exercise caution when installing a new battery. New batteries can explode if not properly installed.

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