How to Fix Dead Dell Inspiron 1545 Battery

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After several years of regular use, it is normal for a laptop computer's battery to lose its ability to hold a full charge. However, if your laptop cannot run on battery power at all anymore, you may have a dead battery. When this happens, the best action to fix the problem is to freeze and thaw the Dell Inspiron 1545 Battery. This process will often revive a battery's charging ability and improve your computer's power performance.

Disconnect your laptop's power adapter from the back of the computer and try to start up the system. If the computer does not boot on battery power, the battery is likely dead.

Detach the battery from the bottom of the laptop.

Place the laptop battery in a plastic bag with a zippable top and seal the top.

Place the bag with the battery inside of a larger plastic bag with a zippable top. Make sure it is also tightly closed.

Place the battery inside your refrigerator freezer for three or four days.

Remove the battery from the freezer and allow it to return to room temperature. Do not try other methods of heating or thawing the battery.

Attach the battery to the laptop again and connect the power adapter to the back of the computer. Wait for the battery to fully charge before trying to boot up the computer.

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Here are some instructions on how to replace the battery.