How to Do Dell Vostro 3700 Keyboard Keys Sticking

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The keys on your Dell Vostro 3700 keyboard is sticking or your keyboard is stuck for a couple of years old and a few of the keys stick when you are typing? Sticking laptop keys are a common problem because of contamination build-up like dust and hair, spilled drinks, and the wearing out of factory lubrication. Laptop keyboards will not wear out if you clean and lubricate them properly. Then there is no need to spend the money on an expensive replacement keyboard with following methods to restore your laptop keyboards to the snappy and smooth performance.

Step1: Troubleshoot the Dell Vostro 3700 Keyboard Sticky Keys
Clean the keys that have wires attached and some grease with cotton swabs and naphtha (lighter fluid). Remove all traces of the grease.
Use a small screwdriver to gently pop the sticky keys off of the keyboard and place all keys in a container. Spray with household cleaner and let stand for 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with hot water and place keys on paper towels to dry. Let dry completely.
Note: Be gentle pressure with the key in case of using excessive force.

Step2: Clean the Entire Dell Vostro 3700 Keyboard
If it's just on the surface of keyboard, you can gently try to pop a key off. Many times, the keyboard area is further protected underneath with a rubber or plastic membrane.  Clean up what you can. If they come off fairly easily, take a picture of the keyboard before you remove any more, so you know how to put them all back on. You can also lay them out on a surface, in order, as you take them off. Once you have access beneath the keys, clean all the dirty things out of the keyboard with damp cloths and/or cotton swabs. Also clean the keys as best you can. If you have the picture of the layout, you can just throw them in a colander and rinse them off with warm water in the sink for a bit. You may need to take the keyboard apart further to get all the dust or drinks out of the various layers. Please allow them dry completely.

Step3: Place all Rubber Components into the Keyboard.
Install keys with wires. Make sure wire is secured in the key, usually snapped into place. Place ends of wire in the slots adjacent to the key location as you align the key. Firmly press down to snap the key into place. Install the rest of the keys by aligning and firmly pressing down.
Tips: Always read your laptop manually thoroughly before cleaning. Besides, laptops keyboards will have pop-off keys, so make sure you know before you try.

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