How Do I Unlock My Dell Vostro A860 Keyboard?

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Dell locks its keyboards in place using a series of screws and panels, ensuring that the keyboard at no point slips loose inside the laptop. Unlocking the keyboard to a Dell laptop is not a difficult process, only requiring a couple of simple tools and delicate hands. This makes it easy to clean said Dell Vostro A860 Keyboard or the circuitry that lies beneath it.

Open the laptop so that its top lays flat against the table or other work surface.

Insert the flathead screwdriver in the right side of the hinge cover. Pry upwards to pop the cover loose and either slide or lift the hinge cover away from the laptop.

Remove the two screws at the top of the Dell Vostro A860 Keyboard. These will often be Phillips head screws, but the flathead screwdriver can remove them.

Tilt the top corners of the Dell Vostro A860 Keyboard upwards and slide it towards you to unlock the keyboard. From here, you can either clean the circuitry, clean the board or disconnect the keyboard.

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