How do I Perform a Battery Check in a Dell Latitude D830?

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12.JPGChecking the battery your Dell Latitude D830 is an important part of laptop maintenance. Dell laptops, the Latitude D830 included, should only be used with Dell batteries, as doing otherwise can void the warranty and can even risk the battery exploding or catching fire. There are a number of ways to check the Dell Latitude D830 battery, both for battery health and current charge; Dell also makes it simple by having a battery meter installed on the Windows taskbar.

From The Desktop

Locate the battery icon on the lower right side of the screen. This will give a visual indication of the battery’s current charge and if it is unplugged or plugged in. Hover the mouse over the icon, and the battery meter will display the current charge as a percentage, with the estimated time left for use as well as the current power plan.

Click on the battery icon. From here, you can change the current power plan. For the longest battery life, choose “Power Saver”; for a balance of battery life and system performance, choose “Balanced”; and for the best system performance without regard to battery life choose “High Performance.”

Click on “More Power Options” from the menu at the bottom of the window that comes up when you click on the battery icon. This takes you to the control panel’s “Power Options” section. From here, you can also change the power plan. Click on the “Battery Health Meter” icon on the left of the window. Click on the "Battery Status” tab to check the current charge. Click on the “Battery Health” tab to view the health of the battery. This tab will let you know if the battery health is fine or warn you if your battery is reaching the end of its usable life.

From Control Panel

Click “Start,” and then click on “Control Panel,” and navigate to the “Power Options” section.

Change your current power plan from the main page of the “Power Options” window. Click on the “Dell Battery Meter” icon to check the battery health.

Click on the “Battery Status” tab to view the current battery condition or on the “Battery Health” tab to view the current health and performance ability.

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