Fix Buttons on your Dell Inspiron Keyboard

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Keys getting stuck or falling off the keyboard are common problems for Dell laptops. If the computer is still under warranty Dell will repair the damage for you, usually for free. For those with expired warranties, however, many Dell Inspiron keyboard problems are easily fixed with a few simple troubleshooting steps.

Jammed Keys

Spray the keyboard with compressed air. Get in between the keys to clear any debris or dust that may be jamming the keys. Remove the keys to fully clear out debris.

Remove the key or keys that are not working. Dell laptop keys are attached to the Dell Inspiron keyboard by a retainer; keys should snap on and off fairly easily.

Use a cotton swab or wipes with rubbing alcohol to clean substances on or under the keys that may be causing them to stick. Snap the keys back into place.

If a Key Has Fallen Off

Line the key up with the retainer and press down firmly. They key should snap back into place. If the retainer has also come loose, line it up with the metal prongs above the rubber nipple that supports the key and gently press the retainer back into place. This may take a couple of attempts as the retainer is quite small.

Use super glue to reattach the key if you cannot re-seat it. Place a small dab of glue on the rubber key support, gently press the key into place and hold for a few seconds. Do not press the key all the way down, or it may become glued to the keyboard.

Replace damaged or lost keys individually from sites such as Replacement Laptop Keys. Select your laptop make and model and the key that needs to be replaced. Match your keys to the example pictures provided to ensure you order the correct style.

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