Change the LCD Display on a Dell Inspiron 9300

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The LCD Display on a Dell Inspiron 9300 can sometimes malfunction or stop working all together. The screen can also be accidentally cracked. In these instances, the LCD display must be replaced. Replacing the LCD display is relatively easy and requires less effort to disassemble than with some other components such as the motherboard. Before you begin, make sure to disconnect all components from the computer, especially the power adapter that charges the battery.

Turn the computer over so the bottom is facing up and the hinges point toward you.

Remove the battery in the top right corner of the laptop by pushing the latch located below the battery to the left. This will cause the battery to pop up, allowing you to lift it out of its slot to remove it.

Remove the outlined plastic cover located in the top right of the laptop. There are two screws holding the cover in place. Remove the screws, then lift up the cover to remove it.

Disconnect the white and black cables connecting to the mini-pci cards. Gently lift up on the gold connectors to disconnect them.

Flip the laptop over and open the display as wide as it will go.

Insert a flat-head screwdriver in between the right side of the hinge cover and the laptop. The hinge cover is the plastic piece that is above the keyboard and has the power button on it.

Pry the hinge cover up, then pull it from right to left to detach and remove it from the laptop.

Pull up on the tab connecting the display cable to the laptop's motherboard. The tab is located at the top of the laptop, in the center.

Unscrew the metal hinges from the laptop. There are two screws on each hinge.

Lift the display up and away from the laptop.

Place the new LCD display onto the laptop, then screw the hinges to the laptop and reconnect the display cable to the motherboard. Place the cable's connector (with the pull tab) onto the slot on the motherboard, then push down on it to secure it. Make sure to thread the black and white cables near the right hinge through the laptop to the bottom.

Place the hinge cover on the laptop from left to right and push down on it to secure it. You will hear/feel the hinge cover clicking into place.

Close the laptop and turn it over.

Connect the black and white cables to the mini-pci card. Place the gold connector on the circular connector on the card, then push down firmly to connect the cable. Once you have connected the black and white cables, replace the cover and screw it in to secure it.

Replace the Dell Inspiron 9300 battery.

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