Calibrate a Dell XPS M1530 Battery

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The Dell XPS M1530 notebook computer is able to function whether it is plugged into an electric outlet or running off battery power. The Dell XPS M1530 Battery is installed in the bottom of the computer, and is rechargeable. After regular usage, you may see the length of the battery's charge begin to diminish. Before discarding the Dell XPS M1530 battery and replacing it with a new one, attempt to calibrate the battery in an effort to restore the battery's ability to hold a charge.

Plug the computer's power cord into the A/C jack on the right-side of the rear of the computer. Plug the other end of the A/C jack into the a power outlet to charge the computer. Allow the Dell XPS M1530 battery to charge completely. When the battery light on the bottom-right side of the display glows solid green, the battery is charging, and when it turns off, the battery is completely charged.

Open the "Start" menu and then click "Control Panel."

Click "Power Options" from within the Control Panel window.

Adjust the settings for "Turn off monitor," "Turn off hard disks," "System standby" and "System hibernates" to "Never."

Click "Save As" and name the power configuration "Battery Calibration."

Click "OK" to close the Power Options Properties window.

Unplug the AC adapter from the computer and allow the battery to completely die, which completes the calibration process.

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Gary7 06/05/2017 13:41

Perhaps a *non-MSWindows* solution would be useful?